Sunday, 25 Jul 2021
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What is Web Development


Since I have started my business, I have been getting a lot of questions about what web development is (because most people know it as web design). So I am here to offer a little bit of clarity with a couple of references to some of the businesses I know.

Web Design:

  1. The first stage here is business research and understanding.
    1. What is your brand?
    2. What do you offer?
    3. What message are you trying to convey?

  2. Depending on if you are in need of business cards, brochures, etc. to match your new design then the step would be to create the new brand entirely. If you have the budget it would be worth going to a branding agency. You can find many of these in Toronto (such as discussed in this Globe and Mail article:
  3. If you are just in need of a design, then this step would be taking your current brand and overlaying it in a design example for you to approve on. For this step any Calgary web design company would do – in fact, all of Canada’s major cities would have plenty (you’s truly included).
  4. Then the next step would be to put that design on the internet for you.
  5. From here on is where the difference between design and development gets grey. Because once you get here, the next step is to develop the website (so check out the next phase for info on that).

web services

Web Development:

  1. The first stage here is frame working a website to suit your needs (based on the design you already have). Do you need just a service page and contact / about? Or are you a Realtor with a number of properties you want to be listed?
  2. From here the developer will build any platform you need.
    1. Front-End: This is the listing I mentioned earlier if you need houses for example.
    2. Back-End: This is where you log in and edit the details.
      1. This always exists to edit any website.
      2. The extra for this would be if you had employees that needed to log in and adjust something specifically for them.
  3. I will make another post to get more into specifics on what happens behind the scenes, but for anyone buying web design that’s about all you need to be a part of!

For something entirely different, check out this video I came across on internet marketing: