You Can’t Go Wrong With Proper Time Logging With Your Fleet of Drivers

In order to change your workouts and manage yourself, you have to understand where your time goes.  You want to know the particulars of how you do it and everything you are doing.  In the book on time management, The Time Trap, Alec Mackenzie explains the significance of keeping a time log and also the best way to keep you.  At a minimum, you should keep a time log for 3 times.  A week is preferred since that will give you a more precise accounting of how you are spending your own time.  In this time, keep a detailed accounting of your activities.

Keep track of every activity as the day progresses and the length of time you spend at each.  Each time your focus shifts to something different, or change jobs, write down you stay focused on the action and the starting time.  Write down each different action.  Besides each activity and how long is spent on each, record the importance of each activity.  Be specific and document everything.  Do not generalize.  Write down every change in attention and details about everything you did throughout the day.  Can it and be fair to obtain the most from this exercise.  It may seem inconvenient, and it is, but the information you’ll gain regarding yourself will probably be worthwhile. Read More …

Tips on Finding the Right Branding Agency

The typical branding agency from yesteryear (or at least a professional branding agency) has concentrated on the standard mission, vision, and values strategy. And yes, this works nicely as it knows what a company stands for and aligns the brand about that. But in practice over the years, I have noticed several things that happen, firstly, the customer begins to feel engaged in the process, they get excited and begin to get more involved (all good), nevertheless, in some instances I see that since they start to have to understand our processes and get more involved, they stop focusing on the end result and begin to refer back to the work, aligning to exactly what are they are today, or exactly what they want to attain, and the client gets more and more drawn to the procedure. And although it is good to get the customers attention and involvement from the branding process, it isn’t so great for the branding to lose grip of the end result. Read More …

Brand New Websites – A Search Engine Optimization Company Perspective

It is an unfortunate truth – regardless of how great your search engine optimisation business or in-house gift is, completely new sites have a harder time reaching search engine optimization for aggressive phrases compared to their elderly counterparts, especially on Google. On the other hand, the strangest thing that a new website proprietor can potentially do is assume that they’re “too late in the match” and opt not to pursue this advertising channel in any way. A fantastic search engine optimisation firm ought to be in a position to effectively operate with a new site; placing the basis for a remarkable success story whilst still attaining steadily raising short-term gain. Read More …

Marketing Is Very Vital For Business Growth

An experienced entrepreneur knows how important it is to market your product and service regularly. Someone who is new to business may not understand the power behind marketing. Usually, the newcomer may market their product once just to build momentum. This approach may work for a unique product or service, but it will not work for most companies. The average company is marketing a product or service that already exists. To succeed, they will need to develop a marketing engine that works around the clock. Read More …

What is Web Development

Since I have started my business, I have been getting a lot of questions around what web development is (because most people know it as web design). So I am hear to offer a little bit of clarity with a couple references to some of the businesses I know.

Web Design:

  1. The first stage here is business research and understanding.
    1. What is your brand?
    2. What do you offer?
    3. What message are you trying to convey?

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