Sunday, 25 Jul 2021
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Author: Susan Roberts

Tips on Finding the Right Branding Agency

The typical branding agency from yesteryear (or at least a professional branding agency) has concentrated on the standard mission, vision, and values strategy. And yes, this works nicely as it knows what a company stands for and aligns the brand with that. But in practice over the years, I have noticed several things that happen, […]

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Important Steps in Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Getting hurt by someone else is not a scenario that anybody wants to maintain. Unfortunately, there are lots of laws sprinkled about protecting somebody who has been injured and several guidelines that must be followed in obtaining the protection that’s due to an injured person. Personal injury accidents can affect your life, monetary situations, and […]

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Marketing Is Very Vital For Business Growth

An experienced entrepreneur knows how important it is to market your product and service regularly. Someone who is new to the business may not understand the power behind marketing. Usually, the newcomer may market their product once just to build momentum. This approach may work for a unique product or service, but it will not […]

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What is Web Development

Since I have started my business, I have been getting a lot of questions about what web development is (because most people know it as web design). So I am here to offer a little bit of clarity with a couple of references to some of the businesses I know. Web Design: The first stage […]

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Breaching The Freelance Web Design Route

Hey guys! Happy New Year! For those of you that don’t know me, I have been designing websites since I was about 14 years old (which ages me to approximately 32 in 2016). I have decided to open up my own freelance shop and serve small, medium, and large businesses with any sort of web […]

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