Marketing Is Very Vital For Business Growth

An experienced entrepreneur knows how important it is to market your product and service regularly. Someone who is new to business may not understand the power behind marketing. Usually, the newcomer may market their product once just to build momentum. This approach may work for a unique product or service, but it will not work for most companies. The average company is marketing a product or service that already exists. To succeed, they will need to develop a marketing engine that works around the clock.

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Companies such as are good at developing marketing strategies for business. They mainly deal with b2b, technical, and service companies, but they can still brand and build them successfully. They start with extensive research and planning, then they move to branding and development. Once the marketing engine is in place, the business owner needs to run it constantly to gain customers. Without an actual marketing budget, there will be no way to keep this vital engine running.

Consulting with a calgary branding and marketing expert will allow you to create a promotional scheme that runs on autopilot. You will need funds to feed this engine, but you should be able to turn a profit quickly if you market consistently. Not locating in Calgary? Not to worry! You can still use the best marketing firm halifax ns has to offer. It doesn’t matter which coast you are on they are equally as creative on both sides! You can sometimes find some great talent in the middle of the country but if you’re located in the West or the East then you’ll want a company that knows what you stand for and can appreciate the audience you are trying to target.

How to Select the Best Local Web Design Company

Having a website for your business nowadays is a great advantage, because you can reach wider audience for your market. More possible clients or customers simply means more profit. But the question is how can you tell if that web design company will suit you best?

Below are some things you might consider before choosing your Kitchener web design or any local web design company.local web design

  • Check if the company got a long years of experience in the business,  because it specify that the company is firmly established and got a reputation. You won’t worry working with them even for long term for the reason that it is secure.
  • Previous clients says it all, for example if a Calgary digital marketing company got a list of clients already it implies that this certain company is a master in its field. You may visit their client’s website or just simply see the sample design to have an idea how good they are.
  • Another is the price of course, how much will it cost me to have a website that is ready for search engine optimizationWell, price range may vary depending on what website you want and  who’s working on it. So I suggest ask for a quotation from your top 3 prospect  web design company then compare the numbers and choose the one that fit your budget.
  • Be sure you own the code! Because at the end of the day after all the negotiation and the process of building your website some web design firm won’t give you the full control of the site.

Know the services being offered and don’t hesitate to ask question.

What is Web Development

Since I have started my business, I have been getting a lot of questions around what web development is (because most people know it as web design). So I am hear to offer a little bit of clarity with a couple references to some of the businesses I know.

Web Design:

  1. The first stage here is business research and understanding.
    1. What is your brand?
    2. What do you offer?
    3. What message are you trying to convey?
  2. Depending on if you are in need of business cards, brochures, etc. to match your new design then the step would be to create the new brand entirely. If you have the budget it would be worth going to a branding agency. You can find many of these in Toronto (such as discussed in this Globe and Mail article:
  3. If you are just in need of a design, then this step would be taking your current brand and overlaying it in a design example for your to approve on. For this step any Calgary web design company would do – in fact, all of Canada’s major cities would have plenty (your’s truly included).
  4. Then the next step would be to put that design on the internet for you.
  5. From here on is where the difference between design and development gets grey. Because once you get here, the next step is to develop the website (so check out the next phase for info on that).

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Web Development:

  1. The first stage here is frame working a website to suit your needs (based off of the design you already have). Do you need just a service page and contact / about? Or are you a Realtor with a number of properties you want listed?
  2. From here the developer will build any platform you need.
    1. Front-End: This is the listing I mentioned earlier, if you need houses for example.
    2. Back-End: This is where you log in and edit the details.
      1. This always exists to edit any website.
      2. The extra for this would be if you had employees that needed to log in and adjust something specific for them.
  3. I will take another post to get more into specifics on what happens behind the scenes, but for anyone buying web design that’s about all you need to be a part of!

For something entirely different, check out this video I came across on internet marketing:


Breaching The Freelance Web Design Route

Hey guys! Happy New Year! For those of you that don’t know me I have been designing websites since I was about 14 years old (which ages me to approximately 32 in 2016). I have decided to open up my own freelance shop and serve small, medium and large businesses with any sort of web design and web development work. My new consulting company, web365 caters to those that rely on their website being up and live at every point in time. Now, that being said, you can’t expect a website never to need maintenance or go offline (or quite frankly, get hacked) – but my service is built around the fact that this is my life. I live and breathe websites and am available 24/7 from all over the world to answer calls and monitor my clients’ web properties.web consulting

For anyone interested, here is a list of the services I am currently offering. Now this may change over time (or ideally grow), but this is what I’m starting with and you must reach out to me (see contact form) to get an estimate based on the scope of your project:

  • Web Design (new logo, colours, look and feel for your website)
  • Web Development (taking the design we agree on and putting it on your website) along with any additional functionality you may need in the front or back end.
  • Working with a partner to offer add-on SEO services.
  • Social Media integration (builds right into your website)
  • Mobile friendly (all websites I build are mobile friendly, or I can take your existing website and make it mobile friendly)